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Paint Protection Film

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Paint protection is a vital asset to keeping the surface condition of your vehicle in the best shape possible. The most comprehensive form of automotive paint protection is Paint Protection Film (also known as PPF). It works as an invisible layer of armour over your vehicles paint finish which will absorb impacts from stones and other road debris.

Self healing, stain resistance and superior optical clarity is what you will find with the most modern and advanced paint protection films manufactured by XPel, Llumar, SunTek and PremiumShield.  These films are constructed from advanced elastomeric polymers which allows it to heal from swirl marks and light scratches that can occur through ordinary washing or daily driving. The film is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants, meaning that it creates a line of defense from chemical stains and etching caused by bird droppings, bug splatter, or mineral deposits and acid rain. It does not oxidise with exposure to the sun, and will guard your paint from fading caused by UV rays.

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Our specialist paint protection film studio is designed specifically to offer the best working conditions taking into consideration cleanliness, temperature and lighting to achieve a flawless, virtually invisible PPF install.

Equally important as the quality of the film itself, is how it is installed. What differentiates our installs from most is the length we go to make sure the install is as invisible and seamless as possible. It all starts with the proper prep work: washing, decontaminating, clay barring, and polishing the paint to ensure a pristine surface prior to install.

We will also remove badges and other trim as needed to allow the paint protection film edges to be hidden where possible, we always go the extra mile to ensure that every car we install film on leaves not only well protected, but with an invisible install that will stand the test of time.

All of our patterns are computer generated. We have access to a vast library of patterns for all types of vehicles. These patterns are cut on-site with our Graphtec Plotter so that no knife will ever be cutting on your paintwork.

We modify the patterns as much as we can so that we can wrap around as many edges as possible and take in to account any badges, headlights or vents we take out in our preparation.

Each pattern is then carefully applied to the vehicle using a special gel and soap mixture to allow us to move the paint protection film around until it is properly aligned. Once it is aligned, we then carefully squeegee out the liquid so the film will adhere to the paints surface.

We aim to provide the most seamless installation and all our work is completed using the highest quality film, installed to the highest standards using the latest techniques and tools.

The superior optical clarity, zero orange peel and the high gloss finish makes the paint protection film look virtually invisible. 

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A digitally designed pattern is pre-cut in-house using a Graphtec Plotter before being applied to each panel. This leads to a precision alignment and eliminates the need to cut on the vehicle.

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The clear top coat employs elastomeric polymers that allow the surface of the film to heal over time, eliminating fine surface scratches and swirling.

This technology means that over the course of a few hours at room temperature, or even sped up by the heat of the sun, fine surface scratches literally disappear into the surface.

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Ten-years manufacturer’s warranty against cracking, peeling, staining, yellowing and hazing. Covering both film and labour costs.

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