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Audi Paint Protection

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Are you looking for paint protection for your Audi? Our paint protection system offers complete protection to the front end of your Audi from stone chips, scratches and other minor abrasions. The paint protection film (PPF) remains almost invisible to the eye once applied, so your Audi can remain in showroom condition.

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Our specialist paint protection film studio is designed specifically to offer the best working conditions taking into consideration cleanliness, temperature and lighting to achieve a flawless, virtually invisible PPF install.

We work on a limited number of vehicles so we can focus on each vehicle and customer’s specific needs, therefore booking in advance is highly recommended.

Our individual service and expert skills that we provide simply cannot be achieved by volume based PPF installers found throughout the UK, our expertise means we can achieve the best possible finish without compromise.

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We use pre-designed templates which are available for most makes & models of cars & motorcycles. This leads to a precision alignment and eliminates the need to cut on the vehicle.

The software we use also gives us the ability to modify designs to further fit our client’s needs.

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